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Student Forum

What is the Student Forum?

Our Student Forum is a democratically elected group of students from each year group. The purpose of the Forum is to represent students’ views and opinions on a variety of different issues within school.  The Student Forum is a platform for driving our school forward and is used to improve the daily life of the school community.

Our Student Forum benefits the whole school, students and adults, as it gives opportunities for our young people to communicate their feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made. This enables them to become partner in their own education.

Issues that might be discussed in the Forum include

  • School rules and policies
  • Activities after school
  • Bullying
  • School equipment
  • School and community fundraising
  • School meals
  • Facilities in school
  • Community issues

Every student has the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Student Forum through discussions with their form tutor representatives.

Aims of the Student Forum

The aims of the Student Forum are:

  • To promote the views of students through discussion about issues raised by students and staff which affect the life of the school both in the present and in the future
  • To give students an opportunity to understand and participate in a democratic process
  • To encourage students to understand the negotiation of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in everyday life.
  • To enable students to participate effectively in school debate and address issues of concern
  • To allow students to become a partner in their education with teachers and support staff
  • To give students a real say in how they learn and achieve
  • To promote the school's reputation and to maintain the school ethos
  • To undertake projects that will improve the quality of the school
Term 1 Campaign

The student forum decided for their first campaign that they would like to zone off the Astro turf and give each year group a specific area.  They thought carefully about which year groups were placed in each area to maximise its full potential and make the use of the resource more efficient.  By providing each year group with a specific area students are now encouraged to take ownership of this space and be responsible for clearing their own litter.

The student forum has also had significant input in developing the St Mary’s school smartphone app.  Students from the forum met with Mr. Peachey to test the app, recommend changes and suggest ideas that they thought would be more beneficial to students of the school. 

Students then shared and fed back the work they have done with their peers in house assemblies week commencing 8th December.

Post Ofsted Plan - Marking and Feedback

As part of the Post Ofsted action plan the Student Forum has been consulting on key developments within school.  Firstly they have reviewed the schools new marking and feedback policy.   The students responded with the following comments about the impact they have seen so far -