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Year 13

Welcome back to Year 13. Congratulations for all that you have achieved so far but this is the year to ensure that all of your future aspirations are realised. You have a huge year in front of you and so it’s important to begin the planning and preparations now.

The Sixth Form is all about achievement so think about how you can maximise that. In terms of A2 grades what matters is your UMS so how can you maximise it? Will you be re-sitting any exams? Is there a particular module that is significantly lower than others and easier to improve? Ensure that you balance this with your A2 exams though, do not dilute your efforts in the summer. If you study BTEC options work hard to meet all deadlines and aim to complete all aspects of each BTEC assignment. Work with your staff to ensure you achieve the top grade in each qualification. Make use of opportunities to join Year 12 lessons and any opportunities to improve coursework UMS. Most of you will have increased ‘non-contact time’ from Year 12 so use the additional hours effectively!

The year becomes a bit of a juggling act as you try to balance academic achievement with growing into well rounded young adults. Take advantage of the huge range of enrichment opportunities in School. You must also complete your personal statement if you intend to study at University. This process also involves organising references, relevant work experience and interview preparation if you really want to stand out from the crowd. Work closely with your UCAS tutors to ensure that you maximise your chances of successfully gaining a place at your desired University. You may want to think about taking the EPQ course for further UCAS points and to widen your skills set.

If you aren’t planning on applying to University then make an appointment with the careers advisor. You must be proactive!

The highest levels of attendance and punctuality are expected to ensure your continued success.

Your first point of contact for any issues if your form tutor. To contact any member of staff please use the staff list located in the ‘Other Links’ section at the bottom of every page.

13B - Mrs E Hindley / Miss J Holdship

13C - Mrs Edwards

13D - Mr Bhuiyan

13F - Miss C Jackson / Miss K Aspinall

13M - Mr S Sadiq

13R - Ms V Greco

Year 13 Summer Exams - Year 13 Summer Timetable