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St. Mary's Catholic High School

Welcome to KS3

The aim of Key Stage 3 is for every child to be their best. We work with and for students to enable them to be their best.  We monitor students, nurture their talents and support them in their endeavours from Year 6, through Years 7, 8 and 9 and into Year 10 as part of Key Stage 3-4 transition.

The team comprises of a Director for Key Stage 3, an Assistant Director and three Year Leads and 10 Form Tutors for each Year Group.

Mrs Barnes is the Assistant Headteacher, Director for Key Stage 3 and Mrs Hibbert is the Assistant Director for Key Stage 3. They work together to lead and manage the Key Stage; tracking data, monitoring groups and celebrating and rewarding success.

Year Leads:

Year 7 = Mr Barnes

Year 8 = Mrs Lomas

Year 9 = Mrs Beeley

The three Year Leads work daily to monitor and support progress, behaviour, uniform and attendance.  They have a range of other roles including working on Y6-7 and Y9-10 transition, supporting service and charity, delivering Year assemblies and building relationships to ensure that students feel guided and supported in becoming independent learners and succeeding in all of their endeavours.

Each Year Group has its own page and there you will find information about the form tutors, key events for the year, how to contact us and details of how to support your child.

Assistant Headteacher - Director for Key Stage 3
Assistant Director for Key Stage 3
Year Leads
Year 7 - Mr S Barnes
Year 8 - Mrs L Lomas
Year 9 - Mrs H Beeley