Approved by the Full Governing Body

Mobile phones are, to many people, an essential feature of everyday life; many parents want their children to have a phone on their journey to and from school to help ensure their safety. Within school students are safe and have access to contact home through the Pastoral Hub and Student Services. Parents can send messages to students by contacting the school. Whilst on school site students are not allowed to have their mobile phones visible to ensure that pupils concentrate entirely on their studies and, in unstructured time, they are not engaged in activities with a mobile phone that could put other pupils at risk. If a student has a mobile phone on school premises it will be confiscated by a member of staff and returned to the student on the Friday of that week. A confiscated mobile phone will be returned earlier to a responsible adult who comes in to school to collect the phone.
Sixth Form students are allowed to bring mobile phones in to college and may connect to the school’s network (included within the “Bring Your Own Device Policy”). Sixth Form students may use their phone within the Sixth Form block during free periods and break/lunch. Sixth Form students should have their phone turned off in lessons and must not use their phone openly around the school.
If a parent wishes their child to have a mobile phone for the journey to school it remains the responsibility of each child and the school does not accept any liability for any mobile phone lost or stolen in school whilst in the child’s possession.