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St. Mary's Catholic High School

Our Staff

Name Position
Miss L Ashcroft Teacher of Languages
Mrs C Ball Pastoral Support Administrator
Miss S Banks Creative and Expressive Arts (Art)
Miss Z Bannister Temporary Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Barlow Reprographics Officer
Mrs E Barnes Geography - Assistant Headteacher - Director Key Stage 3 (SLT)
Miss R Barrett History - Lead Teacher
Mr G Beattie Senior ICT Technician
Mrs H Beeley Year Lead - Year 10
Mr I Bennett Social Studies - Head of Department ( Psychology)
Mr I Bhuiyan Mathematics - Whole School Data & Intervention Lead/ Head of Key Stage 5 Maths
Ms R Bickerton Learning & Development Mentor
Miss N Boardman Science - Assistant Director of Need (HAP)
Mrs R Bona Mathematics - Teaching & Learning Lead
Miss K Bond Finance Assistant
Mrs D Brahms Social Studies - Senior Deputy Headteacher- Pastoral (SLT)
Mr A Briggs Lead Cover Supervisor
Miss S Brooks Lay Chaplain
Mrs A Brown Housekeeper
Mrs A Bryning Technology
Mr K Buchanan Sports, Recreation and Health - Head of House
Miss K Buck English / Creative and Expressive Arts (Drama)
Miss R Burns English - Lead Practitioner Literacy
Mr J Burton Inclusion Mentor
Mrs C Calwell Creative and Expressive Arts - Head of Creative & Expressive Arts (Drama)
Miss K Campbell Science - Lead Teacher
Ms S Carrington Learning & Development Mentor
Mrs J Casement Creative and Expressive Arts - Head of Art
Mrs R Coll Headteacher's PA
Mr A Colley Computing/ICT/Business Studies - Lead Practitioner Teaching & Learning Initiatives
Mrs C Collins Sports, Recreation and Health
Mr J Connell Science
Miss J Cooke English SENCo Assistant Headteacher (SLT)
Mrs D Cooke Science Technician
Mrs J Crooks English
Miss E Crossley Languages
Mrs C Dainty Administration Support Assistant
Miss L Davis Mathematics (CSD - Term 1 Sept - Dec)
Miss L Davis Sports, Recreation and Health - Head of Health & Social Care
Mr A Dawson Headteacher
Br J Dawson Assistant Chaplain
Mrs K Dawson Teacher of RE
Miss S de Boer Languages - Lead Teacher
Mr I Delaney Science
Mrs N Dewhurst Religious Education - Director of Religious Education - Associate Assistant Headteacher
Dr H Drury Science - Director of Science - Assistant Headteacher (SLT)
Mr S Durrant Languages - Head of Faculty/Head of House
Mrs E Edwards Creative and Expressive Arts - Head of Music
Mrs C Emson Administration Support - SEN
Mr M Fernay Site and Health & Safety Manager

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