The Business department were off on their travels again last week with a trip down the road to the local Morrisons manufacturing and logistics site. The day started with a nice walk down to the site with the students enjoying the sunshine and behaving impeccably towards the site. On arrival the students were separated into 3 groups of 8, each being given a different activity for the next 45 minutes.

One group were given a tour of the site and allowed onto the shop floor of the manufacturing and packaging plant with all students enjoying the chance to wear hair nets and of course any males (Mr McCann) having to wear a lovely beard net. This was, of course, to ensure that we were maintaining the standards of the factory and that contamination risk was kept to an absolute minimum. The students asked excellent questions of the tour guide around a range of different topic areas including PESTLE, environmental considerations and competitor analysis. This showing the students confidence in their own ability but also engaging with the speaker and wanting to learn more.

The next activity was a CV building activity delivered by an HR employee of Morrisons. This was centered on the basics of a Curriculum Vitae and what the students should look to include in their own when going out into the world of work. This proved an invaluable lesson for the students knowing that some will be looking at applying for the Degree-apprenticeships offered by Morrisons in the next 12 months.

The third activity entailed a detailed look at how Morrisons endeavors to deliver high standards of health and safety across all of their factories and why it is so important for this to be seen across their UK brand image.

The students were provided an excellent day out at Morrisons and were complimented on how well-mannered and respectful they were throughout the visit, they were a credit to the school and hopefully, in the years to come, we may have some Morrisons graduates from this selection of students who thoroughly enjoyed the site visit.