Investors Challenge

St Mary’s Business students were invited by the University of Manchester to attend a Student Investor Challenge at the Whitworth Hall. The challenge was designed to test students' capabilities under the pressure of a real-time stock market experience. The 5 Business Studies students represented St Mary’s impeccably from the first to the last minute. We arrived at Whitworth Hall for a sharp 10 o’clock start, competing against 25 other schools from the Greater Manchester region.

The 5 students were given individual roles meaning that teamwork was vital in order to succeed in the challenge. The 5 roles were Buyer, Seller, Media Analyst, Finance Manager, Investment Manager. Each role had its unique aspects to it and allowed students to express themselves and play pivotal roles in the simulation.

The students’ performance was underpinned by a hard-working mentality and not rushing into any rash decisions (until the 15 minutes!). Having had a strong start to the task, slowly building a steady sum of investment opportunities in businesses, the students decided to take the high risk strategy of involving their investment into the exchange rates. This proved very lucrative with Mike Morrow and Adi Sacaj being particularly keen to jump straight into it. Amelia Adams, Aaliyah Wilson and Tara Rathore being not so keen and thinking a long-term strategy would have been better suited to the St Mary's team.

By the final day of the 5 day simulation, St Mary’s were in a strong position out of the 25 teams and were looking to really push home on their performance, with the real time simulator showing a live trading floor, the boys in the group allowed their competitive streak to get the best of them and invested the remaining capital of the team into the floating exchange rate. However, much to their dismay an exogenous shock occurred meaning that the investment they had made turned into a sink-hole situation and the exchange rate plummeted meaning that the strong position they were lying in, slowly slipped away…

At the end of the simulation, there were awards for the overall winners of the competition and individual prizes for particularly exceptional trades and deals. The award for the best Media Analyst went to our very own Tara Rathore, who delivered a running commentary of the investment opportunities and future business decisions that the team should make, based on the news coverage provided. An outstanding piece of work and credit where it is due!

Overall, the students enjoyed a brilliant day out, showing that teamwork can still shine through in times of adversity and if not for a couple of better decisions made we could have achieved a top 3 finish.

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