Paired Reading


On Friday 15th February 2019, a group of sixth form students attended St Ambrose Barlow Primary School to celebrate the completion of the 6 week Paired Reading programme. The programme is a successful partnership between the St Mary's sixth form and St Ambrose Barlow where students support their younger peers with paired reading. A lovely ceremony took place where the children handed our sixth form students a certificate and gave a final thank you for their support.

There were some heart warming moments too as the children really enjoyed seeing their mentors again. All the children received a chocolate treat for making great progress in their reading. Mr Robinson, Director of the sixth form said "I am really proud and privileged to be here today and to be a part of this wonderful collaboration. I am so proud of both sets of students; the primary school children for making such great progress in reading and my sixth form students for offering their support. You have had a little taste here of how you, as students, make your teachers feel when you make such great progress too. It's these sorts of initiatives that really express what being a sixth form student in St Marys is all about. Well done everybody."

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