Legally Blonde

Each year our school productions get bigger - bigger casts, bigger sets, and more musical numbers. We consistently aim to produce a performance that is to the highest of standards enabling the pupils involved to gain the experience of a full scale show…in a school!

Each year we say “Never again!” but then we reflect on what a show like this does for those involved – yes there are long days, sleepless nights and moments when we all want to give up but, like our show's leading lady, we express reliance, we set ourselves a goal and we strive to achieve it. It was a pleasure to direct this performance, I am, as always, in awe of what our pupils can achieve when they set their mind to it. I am truly grateful for their commitment and hope that being part of the school production is a positive experience that they will reflect on for years to come. A huge well done to all involved, you were amazing!

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