A taste of the continent

A taste of the Continent for Year 7

This half term year 7 had a taste of the continent with an international culture event that took place during one of their Spanish lessons. The pupils gathered in the dinner hall to experience some common European delicacies. On the menu there were a selection of cheeses from France and Spain, a traditional Spanish omelette, chorizo, olives and some chilled gazpacho.

The pupils were able to taste a number of these delicacies with varying results! A variety of Spanish adjectives were used to describe the food on offer both positively and, in some cases, not so positively! After the food tasting had come to an end the pupils were taken to the year 7 yard to play a traditional Spanish school yard game called ‘el pañuelo’. The game involves two teams, in this case made up of the two Spanish classes, taking it in turn to race to the teacher to steal ‘el pañuelo’ (the handkerchief) and doing so without being tug by the opposing team member. The pupils seemed to really enjoy the game and the languages department hopes to see it played again on the yard.

On behalf of the languages department I’d like to say how brilliant it was to see the pupils taking the opportunity and being open to try new things, we certainly hope to have developed a new interest in the Spanish culture and look forward to seeing it filter into lessons. ¡Bien hecho año siete!