Mosi Year 7

Year 7 MOSI Trip

This week, the Science department took the whole of Year 7 to MOSI in Manchester to experience exhibitions about electricity and energy. The day was extremely valuable in allowing the students to have hands-on experience doing activities we aren’t able to do in school.

The following are some statements written by the students about the trip:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and there was always something to look and everything was interesting” – Charlie Coogan 7S

“The trip was super fun, the show was great and entertaining. Everything in the experiment room was really interesting.” – Terence Lasta – 7O

“I really enjoyed it and I hope that all the Y7s next year would really enjoy it J Thanks to all the teachers!”

“I think that this trip was a day to remember! It was packed with fun and I love how I got the chance to make new friends.” – Olivia Newell 7M

“I would definitely recommend everyone to go to this school because you learn lots of interesting things and you go on the best trips like the Science museum trip.” – Katie Gillingham 7O

“The Science trip was really fun. I enjoyed learning about the trains and planes. I enjoyed the puzzle game, hanging out with my form and getting to know them better” - Leila Clouston 7S

“I enjoyed my time at the Science museum. It was hard to pick anything to change because honestly, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on in my school life” – JJ Dale 7O

“I really enjoyed the pleasure of looking around this really great place” – Tristan Cannon 7R

“I thoroughly enjoyed the educational yet fun trip today. The highlight of the trip was definitely the Science show. I think every single Y7 learned a lot of facts from this brilliant day at the Science museum!” – Katie Powell 7S

“It was amazing! Really good! Mindblowing! The experiment section was spectacular” – Tristan Wilding 7M

“The trip went really well and the teachers and staff were really nice. I would definitely recommend going next year!” – Lillie Topp 7O

“We had lots of opportunities to complete tasks and experiments” – Kathryn Moon 7M

“Today has been wonderful because I’ve learnt a lot about planes and things I didn’t know before!” – Matty Sawyer 7M

“It went really well and I enjoyed myself. I learned new things and I highly recommend going there!” – Evie Taylor – 7M

“Today was enjoyable at MOSI. I really enjoyed the aeroplane workshop and the Science show.” – Lily Bond 7R

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