Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice Expedition

Congratulations to the 93 pupils who completed their Bronze practice expedition last weekend. All pupils demonstrated great heart and resilience throughout the weekend. We could not be more proud of you as a school.

Here is the feedback from your expedition leaders:

Group A Mark - "Best team I've ever had. On the first day they nailed it. Punctual. Tidy. Worked well as a team. Can I have them next week? And the week after that?"

Group B - Nathan "as a group they are fantastic. Navigationally sound. A great laugh, lots of banter. A pleasure to work with."

Group C Mel - "They've got a really good heart all of them. All calm and looking out for each other."

Group D Stuart - "Navigation really good. Worked really well together as a team. Used each other's different strengths - impressed with that."

Group E - Dave "worked really well together. Timekeeping is good! All very supportive of one another. Chuffed that they walked 16km" 

Group G - Ed "Really good navigators. Camp craft improved a lot from night 1 to 2. Everyone in the group happy to fulfil a role" 

Group J - Mark "They worked really well as a team, a great group to work with."

Group L - Andrew "camp crafters - brilliant. Finlay's navigation is world class! The group has kept me thoroughly entertained." 

Group M - Chris "Really polite to me and helpful to one another. Their navigation skills are good!" 

Group N - Paul "Good. Tidy. Jelled together. Been brilliant!"

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