RE ambassadors put their faith into action

On the 10th of July the RE department and the RE ambassadors decided to celebrate the union of our school and country this year with a Social evening where students were invited to play games and join in with activities. This took place at school, 17:00-18:00. In this time we were able to have fun with other students from different year groups. Some staff and students brought cakes and food to enjoy at the Social. Games of rounders and football were enjoyed at the night.

The theme this year “Union”. We believed we showed this as a school as we supported each other throughout the year. We showed this on national scale when we came together and showed support to our football team though the world cup. We also showed this on a world scale, we showed union by helping those in need, for example refugees. At the end of the service we finished with a bidding prayer and wrote our hopes and dreams on footballs in favour of the world cup.

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