Cadbury World

After a week of researching and project work, Year 9 finally got to visit a family favourite, Cadbury world in Bourneville. The students started with a fun filled 4d cinema experience to begin their journey through the history of Cadburys. We then travelled back in time to the Georgian period, when John Cadbury started out as a tea and mustard purveyor. Students then got to ‘live out’ the life of a cocoa bean, through a simulated manufacturing process.

There were lots of gasps and giggles as students were unexpectedly moved side to side and ‘roasted’ under the heat lamps! Pupils then had a series of opportunities to further explore the brand, through their marketing and advertisements, operations and production methods. Pupils observed and participated in the production of handmade chocolates using traditional methods, and they really enjoyed writing their names in melted chocolate! 

Students then had a personalised and private talk that addressed their GCSE Business Studies specification. Elements such as business ownership, stakeholders, operations and marketing were discussed, most of which we have already covered in class. Students were fully engaged asking the presenter challenging questions, showing their in depth knowledge and building upon their in-class learning. Well done year 9!

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