Rufugee Awareness Week Workshop

Susannah Year 8: On Monday 18th June, the Geography department had the pleasure of hosting a two hour workshop in honour of the 20th Annual Refugee Week, where we celebrate the contributions, creativity and resilience of all refugees. Both year 7 and year 8 HAP students were invited to participate in this workshop, learning about the journeys and struggles that refugees face in order to leave their war torn countries in search of a safe life. On entering the classroom, students were greeted by Liz Hibberd. Liz has worked with refugees from all over the world, from the Calais Jungle to Wigan/Manchester, helping refugees to settle, develop skills and education,  and to reclaim their human rights.

Liz led the workshop and gave students the opportunity to talk about anything they knew about refugees, before beginning group activities to discover more about them, their countries and unique backgrounds. During group activities, the students were able to develop new ideas to help improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers when they come to our country, thinking about how we could help young refugees settle into their new homes and schools. The workshop gave students the opportunity to realise how similar refugees are to us, and how they struggle emotionally to leave their old lives, family and friends behind. These refugees have experienced many traumatic events, such as death, murder, oppression and war, and our country welcomes thousands of refugees each year. This workshop has given us an insight into how we, as individuals, can be accepting of refugees and how we can help change their lives for the better. 


Joel, Year 7: Liz came in to talk to us about refugees. We spoke about the main countries that refugees come from and where they go to seek help. We learnt about why refugees come into countries, what seeking asylum meant, and even why some migrants end up being displaced from Europe. Refugees move out of countries because of certain push and pull factors. I really enjoyed the time with Liz.

Deeya, Year 7: As it was Refugee Awareness week, Liz from the Manchester refugee camp, came in to talk to us about the lives of young refugees. I thought this was a great ideas as I learned that there are many refugees who are younger than I am, and that they are living a very difficult life. We were taught about why and how people become refugees and the difficult procedures they have to go through to get their human rights. The session was interesting and informative and it raised the message of refugee awareness in an effective way.

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