Paris and Swiss Alps trip - May 2018

During the May half term around 40 students ranging from year 8 to year 10 went on a life changing trip that took us to the East of France just a few miles from the Swiss border. It took around 24 hours on the coach including the ferry trip from Dover to Calais and stops at service stations. We stayed in a hotel in Chatel, and we had an amazing view of the mountains from our hotel balcony.

On that same day we went to a swimming pool where we had an hour to explore the nearby village, and an hour to swim. The third day we went to Chamonix and we went on a cable car up to one side of Mont Blanc and we spent a while up there. Afterwards we went down into Chamonix and onto the train where we went up another side of Mont Blanc and explored the train station for a while, until we went back down the mountain and went back to the hotel.

The next day after that we hopped on the coach and headed for a lovely lake side town called Annecy, the place was gorgeous and looked unreal under the hot sun. Featured in Annecy was a long stretch of market that took a good 5 minutes to walk down. There was a big variety in products being sold such as food, more food, even more food! There was a lot of food. The smell was overwhelming. Included in the “Most beautiful town” package were great photo opportunities such as big buildings, churches, scenic lakes and to top it all off we all went on an hour long boat trip across lake Annecy and just like the town, the views were visual gold. After all that we went to Geneva, and had loads of time to shop and take in the views and that was day 4 complete. The next day we travelled a lot to get to Paris, on the bright side however it took a lot of time off our trip home.

We arrived at our hotel at 6 o clock in the evening and after an hour of rest in our rooms of three, we went out to a crepe restaurant where we had sweet and savoury crepes for or dinner. Afterwards we went back to the hotel so we were ready for a day of sightseeing in Paris. On day 6 we went on a tour around the capital of France, Paris .Firstly we went pass the Notre Dame which is an amazing building and onto the Eiffel tower, we got off the coach and walked up to and around the Eiffel tower, although we didn’t go up it the views from the bottom showed the massive scale of it. After, we went down the river seine on a boat trip, we went right through the middle of Paris on the boat and then came all the way back to the docking area, it was really good.

In the afternoon we went round the backstreets of Paris and we walked up a massive staircase up to a building the is a massive concrete dome, and we walked through the streets for 2 hours. To finish off our day in Paris we went to a steak house called the hippopotamus, in the restaurant we had steak and chips and ice cream for dessert. It took us about an hour to get back to the hotel where we slept… again. Day 7, this was the last day of the trip, to bring our trip to a great end we went to Disney land, and had 9 hours to do what we wanted. There were lots of thrilling rides such as the Hollywood tower, rock and roller coaster and many more. The day in Disney was by far one of the highlights of the trip. We all enjoyed the trip very much, took some great memories from the trip and it is something all of us will never forget, it was also a chance to make friends and talk to people we wouldn’t usually talk to. It was AMAZING!

Thank you very much to Miss de Boer for all her organisation and leading the trip, and Mr Hodson, Miss Hilton, Mr Yates and Mrs Thorpe for giving up their half term to come with us!


By Oliver Croft 8F and Dylan Cruickshank 8F.

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