Let’s Sing! 2018

Let’s Sing 2018 opened with a song sung by all the primary and secondary schools ‘Sing’ which featured a soloist from Year 9 Amalia, this was a fantastic opening. After some brilliant primary school performances, it was time for St. Mary’s to come to the stage and sing ‘Astonishing’ with Pippa Lloyd Year 8 singing the opening solo beautifully, joined by the choir singing at time in 3 part harmony – they sounded and looked fantastic.

It was then time for the brilliant Aimee Day in Year 7 to sing the famous song ‘Titanium’. The enjoyable night of entertainment was nearly over with Molly Gregory Year 11 singing the solo in ‘He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother’ and then concert came to a close with everybody singing ‘All over the world’. It was so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves singing and we can’t wait to take part again next year.

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