Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald Visit

On Friday 2nd February St Marys welcomed visitors from Mott Macdonald to come and meet our Design, Engineer, Construct Level 3 students. The visitors from Mott Macdonald included Sarah Wilcock and Essam Beseiso who are civil engineers and Lorna Webb who is responsible for public relations. Alison Watson the curator of DEC! also attended the day. The visitors were given a tour of the school and were really impressed.

They passed comment on how well students were behaved. Mott Macdonald then delivered a short speech to our DEC! level 3 students to explain who they were and what industries they work in. They have worked on a range of projects locally, nationally and internationally. These have included work on the Trafford Centre, Heathrow Terminal 5 and Crossrail – New £15 Billion pound railway in London along with many other international projects.

The visit was to launch the start of a two year partnership between St Marys and Mott Macdonald which will hopefully provide students of the DEC! Level 3 a working insight into the construction industry. Pupils will be able to meet and discuss their projects with industry specialists and keep up to date with industry regulations. I would like to take this opportunity to publically thank both Alison and the staff at Mott Macdonald for their time on Friday morning and to Mr Barrett for taking time to meet the visitors and taking some photographs.

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