Autosport Show

Year visit International Autosport Show

Last week St. Marys’ Year 12 Engineering Cohort visited the International Autosport Show at Birmingham NEC.

Invited by the NCME of Bolton they had the opportunity to experience the latest in all forms of international motorsport vehicles and teams, more importantly they had first-hand experience of the cutting edge technology used to manufacture in this industry.

From the latest Technology in CNC processes to emerging technologies in composite and smart materials our engineers had access to it all! However it wasn’t all work. The boys had chance to do some” Drifting” courtesy of the Fiat Arbarth Drifting Team! When asked what they had gained from the experience most where of the same opinion as Lewis Dawber

“  It's opened my eyes to how much  technology was involved in making a racing car. It's been really good!”

As usual the group's behaviour and work ethic was outstanding and they were a credit to their College.

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