Senior Citizens Christmas Party

Dear Staff &  6th Form Students, 

Very many thanks to each of you involved in making this year's event so enjoyable.

Thank you to the welcomers & parking guides,  cheerful in the zero temperature.

Thank you to all who prepared & decorated the room;  the seating arrangement was excellent.

Thank you to those who provided all the food & drinks & to the gracious servers.

It was wonderful that we had such excellent care from the students and staff.  Everyone smiled and made us feel so welcome.  Thank you to the instrumentalists & singers from various years & to the Year 7 choir for helping us all to sing.  May they all continue to develop their talents.  Thank you for the Carol booklets,  for the free Bingo & Raffle & for all the lovely prizes.

We know that this all involves much thought,  hard work in preparation and expense.

It was a joy to meet you all,  such lovely people in every way,  staff & students.
We experienced God's great love & tender care flowing through each one of you.  May we all show God's loving care wherever we are,  that His peace & justice may reign.

Julia was delighted with her delicious gluten-free meal -  a real treat.


With many renewed thanks and asking the Lord to bless each one of you as He knows best,

Peter & Julia Galloway.


These lines from the prophet Isaiah (chapter 40) have helped us.  May they help you:

"The Lord is an everlasting God,

 He does not grow tired or weary,

 His understanding is beyond fathoming.

 He gives strength to the wearied,

 He strengthens the powerless.

 The young may grow tired & weary,

 youths may stumble,

 but those who hope in the Lord renew their strength. "


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