Christmas Concert Review
Written by Emily Worrall

After weeks of preparation, our students put on a mind-blowing performance on the night of the Christmas concert. Pupils from Year 7 – 13 dedicated their time to perform for their friends and family. The 6th formers were very helpful and made sure that the students were well prepared so that everything would be amazing on the night of the show. When the night finally came the students were really nervous but they were ready to finally show off their true talents to the audience that were waiting in the lower school hall.

Each and every one of the students succeeded whilst performing their show pieces. In my opinion I think that the pupils made all of their family members proud because they were showing their family that they can achieve something and really perform to the best of their ability, by doing something that they love.  We had performances from a variety of different musicals to Verdi, Ariana Grande, Liam Gallagher and many more. Some of the highlights of the concert included a Year 7 Boys’ singing group who performed a medley of different songs which was led by Year 13 music student Joe Shovelton and Year 12 pupil Caitlin Burke who sang her own song ‘ Not That Far Apart’ which was dedicated to her Mum and was sung beautifully. Looking forward to performing in the next concert.

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