Presentation Eve

Presentation Evening

St Mary’s Presentation Evening took place on Thursday 16th November 2017. This high profile event celebrated the academic and personal achievements of our Class of 2017 with invited guests, Ryan Brierley, Dom Manfredi, Sammy Kibula and Drew Hutchinson presenting the awards. 

The evening saw staff, governors, parents, carers and the class of 2017 unite to reflect upon and celebrate in the many successes of the year group. 

A video reflection of students’ time at St Mary’s began the formalities of the evening, much to the delight of students with many parents and carers no doubt prompted to ponder the question ‘Was that really my child only 5 years ago?’ 

Miss Jump and Mr Lloyd then led proceedings which included the presentation of GCSE certificates to every student present, individual subject awards and finally, the school awards. The Key Stage 4 team would like to remind all of the class of 2017 that they are all winners for their fantastic achievements over the past 5 years and wish them every success for the future.