Yr 10 Barcelona 2017

During the October half-term some of our Year 10 students visited Calella, Barcelona.  The day we arrived we were given free time to spend on the beach or explore the town. In the evening we all enjoyed an X-Factor night and everybody joined in singing.  Despite the horrendous sound we all had a wonderful time!

On the Sunday we visited the Sagrada Familia and then visited Port Vell Shopping Centre where we shopped all day and when we got back to the hotel we had our evening meal before going to the bar for the quiz night; groups of 6 all competing against each other to win.

The following day we visited the Camp Nou which was a dream for many pupils.  We all had access passes to go around the stadium and around the pitch.  After Camp Nou we visited Las Ramblas for another day of shopping and enjoying the Spanish culture: a range of tapas restaurants and stalls were open for us to explore. In the evening we had games night at the bar, by far the most competitive night of all. The challenges ranged from cracking eggs on heads to running across the room with pickled asparagus in mouths. Overall, the boys won but the girls still disagree with the final decision!

On the last day, we visited Port Aventura theme park experiencing some of the biggest and fastest rollercoasters in Europe. That night was the fancy dress party - outfits ranging from power rangers to unicorns to Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Barcelona was truly an unforgettable experience for everybody involved!

Alice Bibby

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