Stem Award

STEM Award 

The Museum of Science and Industry are delighted to award St Mary’s Catholic High School with our Excellence in STEM Award. The school is the first school in Wigan to gain the award and only seven high schools across Greater Manchester have gained the award since it was launched in 2015.

Through gaining the award St Mary’s have shown that they value young people learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths outside the classroom and they have shown a commitment to work with local STEM ambassador volunteers from industry to add real life context and relevance to these subjects.

Nichola Wallworth, the regional manager of the STEM Ambassador Hub based at the museum supported the school in gaining the award.

She said: “We are delighted to see that St Mary’s value promoting STEM so highly in school. Being able to better engage young people with the vast career opportunities and exciting opportunities in STEM areas will hopefully lead to young people at least considering carrying on with a STEM subject and pursuing a career in this area where locally and nationally we have such a need.”

The award was launched to support schools in understanding what excellent STEM provision looks like in schools and supports them to understand how they can build science capital and inspire young people. Work towards the award includes; raising the profile of STEM in school, linking with STEM industry volunteers, offering intergenerational and wider community opportunities around the subjects, involving young people in more extra-curricular opportunities around STEM and addressing stereotypes.

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