Catholic Young Writers

Catholic Young Writers Award 2016/17

In May 2017 a cohort of pupils from Key Stage 3 entered a national competition known as Catholic Young Writers Award. Each pupil had to produce an essay around an ethical issue in Religion. Each essay allowed the pupil to explore the social, moral and cultural impact of the said issue. Pupils spent weeks researching the topics of inspirational saints or “Why Catholics should attend mass on a Sunday” and using a range of literacy skills worked hard to draft and redraft their competition entry.

We had over 250 entries to send to London to be read by the charity board, they were overjoyed by the amount of entries they had received from St Mary’s School. Some of our pupils were lucky enough to win individualised runners-up prizes. This is an amazing achievement to be chosen out of hundreds of schools nationally and a real mark of their faith, furthermore promoting the Catholic ethos of the school publicly. Please take a look at the Head teacher’s letter and photos attached. We look forward to running the competition again in 2018.

Letter to Headteacher

Photo Gallery