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Celebrating Year 7
Celebrating Year 7

Can you believe they have done a year at St. Mary's already?

Our End of Year Celebration Assembly started with the video of the year and ended with a wonderful performance from 7R of what has become a very special song to us - Ariana Grande's "One Last Time", they have left a number of staff a little teary!

It has not always been an easy year for the school or Year 7 but their camaraderie and care for each other has been a shining example of all that we wish for our students. Awards for Chaplaincy, Extended Effort, Sports, High Flyer and Endeavour amongst many others all went to very deserving students. Awarding them was difficult as for each award there were a number of very deserving nominees. They have made us very #ProudToBe Marys

We wish all of our Year 7s a Happy and Safe summer and look forward to welcoming them into Year 8.

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