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Energiser Workshop
Energy engineering workshop for KS3

Approximately 120 students from Year 7 and Year 8 had the opportunity to attend an exciting engineering workshop run by an external visitor to school.

Students considered what an engineer does and what skills they would need to become an engineer. Students were surprised by the huge array of different types of engineering careers, such as in textiles, agriculture, communications as well as the more well-known areas such as aerospace, mechanical and civil engineering.

The focus of this two hour workshop was ‘energy’. They considered different types of energy, how we produce and use it. A variety of skills were employed such as great team work, resilience and creative thinking. This event was truly cross-curricular as Science and D&T principles were employed throughout the workshop.

The students had to build a racing car which was charged using photo voltaic cells. This in turn charged a capacitor, and the students had to then race the cars. The closest to the 6m line were the winners.

We were very pleased to host this event for the first time at St. Mary’s and the students had an insight into what possible careers they could do and had a fun time as well.

Dr Rosser

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