Careers Convention
Careers Convention

On Thursday 9th February we held our 27th annual Careers Convention.  The Careers Convention was a great success; this year students from Year 8 to Year 13 attended, with over 110 exhibitors present on the evening.  At a time when there are over 573,000 young people aged 16 – 24 in the country unemployed, the purpose of the Convention was to give our pupils the opportunity to obtain the very best careers advice from experts in a variety of different fields of employment, training and Further/Higher Education. 

The representatives discussed the nature of their work, entry requirements, training and prospects for career development.  Wigan Careers Service were also in attendance to deal with any queries parents and pupils had. On behalf of St Mary’s Catholic High School I would like to thank all the exhibitors for giving up their time and supporting the Careers Convention this year.

Parent comments:

"Fantastic opportunity for younger students to experience so many companies and universities"

"Really useful evening, my daughter has been talking to lots of different people from a variety of companies and it has really made her think about her future career"

"I'm so impressed with how well the exhibitors talk to the students. They are so passionate and really make the pupils think about their future profession"

Exhibitors quotes:

"It has been great to see so many students asking questions about my profession"

"It is a particularly unique event, one I have not come across before in terms reaching out to younger students in relation to their future careers, but it was great to see their enthusiasm and interest in STEM Subjects and I look forward to attending again next year"

"The student helpers have been fantastic and are a real credit to the school"

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