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Micro:Bits Are Go!

Y7 have been getting to grips with their free BBC Micro:Bits in Computing lessons over the past few weeks.  The Micro:Bit is a free mini computer that is being given away to every Y7 in the country by the BBC.  In lessons we have been learning how to program our Micro:Bits to perform tasks such as displaying messages, displaying images and modelling simple games like rock paper scissors.  The device has loads of cool features such as a built in compass, Bluetooth and accelerometer (tilt sensor).

The Micro:Bit club has been running on Monday lunchtimes in Mr Colley’s room and we’ve been coding projects such as a quiz game, a compass, a pedometer and real life snakes & ladders.  If you’re interested in finding out more about your Micro:Bit then come along.

At the end of the unit, pupils will receive their own Micro:Bit to keep.  You can write your own programs on the Micro:Bit website and there are also lots and lots of project ideas online.  We’ve collected lots of useful links on our micro site at and Mr Colley has put some help videos on his YouTube ChannelPlease send us pics or video of any projects you’ve made at home to our Twitter account @StMarysICT.  In the meantime, here are some videos of what we’ve been up to: