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St. Mary's Catholic High School

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry day on the 28th of September 2017, our Year 7 and Year 8 students took part in a range of poetry events relating to this year’s theme of ‘Freedom’. Students were asked to engage with the theme by reading and exploring a selection of ‘Freedom’ poems which then inspired them to write their own.  

Yr 10 Barcelona 2017

During the October half-term some of our Year 10 students visited Calella, Barcelona.  The day we arrived we were given free time to spend on the beach or explore the town. In the evening we all enjoyed an X-Factor night and everybody joined in singing.  Despite the horrendous sound we all had a wonderful time!

On the Sunday we visited the Sagrada Familia and then visited Port Vell Shopping Centre where we shopped all day and when we got back to the hotel we had our evening meal before going to the bar for the quiz night; groups of 6 all competing against each other to win.

Year 11 MFL Parental Newsletter Launch

Starting this month, the languages department will be producing a newsletter for parents highlighting various areas in preparation for the GCSE examinations. The newsletter will contain a breakdown of the topics and grammatical aspects that we covered during the previous term, along with the aspects that we will be covering during the current term.