Catering at St Mary's is managed in house by Mark Blinkhorn our Catering Manager. Mark and his team are dedicated to providing tasty, fresh and healthy food daily for 1600 students and staff.

Every day there are 3 main meals on offer including a vegetarian option that range from roast beef baguettes to homemade curries. Also on offer daily are jacket potatoes, paninis, pasta pots and a large variety of freshly made sandwiches.

Sixth Form students benefit from a dedicated common room that offers fresh hot and cold food and drink daily.

St Mary's Catholic High School converted to a cashless catering system in May 2010. Students are required to top up their account with funds at 2 dedicated machines located in school. Parents also have the option to top up their child's account using a credit or debit card through the WisePay payment portal. On WisePay parents can also view the last 10 items purchased upto the current date. The system uses biometrics - a mathematical representation of certain points of the finger are used to identfy students at the tills and the cash loader machines.

WisePay Payment Portal

Are you entitled to Free School Meals?

If as a parent or carer you are in receipt of Universal Credit your child should be entitled to free school meals.

Next Steps

Please complete the entitlement form and return this to school together with a recently dated Universal Credit entitlement letter and we will process your application.

As you are all aware the school operates a cashless catering system and if your child is entitled to FSM their food account will be automatically updated on a daily basis before dinner with £2.30 to spend.

We would encourage all parents/carers who qualify for FSM to apply even if your child prefers packed lunch as Free School Meals entitlement brings additional funding into school to support academic progress.

Free School Meal Entitlement Form

Menu & Tariff

Here at St Mary's we operate of a three week menu cycle. In additional to our standard menu we offer a varierty of special & theme items on selected days throughout the year. For more information follow us on twitter or like our page on facebook