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St. Mary's Catholic High School

Catering at St Mary's is managed by Taylor Shaw, a dedicated contract caterer for Education. Mark Blinkhorn (Catering Manager) and his team are dedicated to providing tasty, fresh and healthy food daily for 1600 students and staff.

Every day there are 3 main meals on offer including a vegetarian option that range from roast beef baguettes to homemade curries. Also on offer daily are jacket potatoes, paninis, salad pots and a large variety of freshly made sandwiches.

Sixth Form students benefit from a dedicated common room that offers fresh hot and cold food and drink daily.

St Mary's Catholic High School converted to a cashless catering system in May 2010. Students are required to top up their account with funds at 2 dedicated machines located in school. Parents also have the option to top up their child's account using a credit or debit card through the WisePay payment portal. On WisePay parents can also view the last 10 items purchased upto the current date. The system uses biometrics - a mathematical representation of certain points of the finger are used to identfy students at the tills and the cash loader machines.

WisePay Payment Portal

There is a lot going on in Catering! The new "bowl in one" bar were you can choose a freshly made meal, ready in a bowl, to grab and go. Why not help yourself to a variety of salads from the new salad bar, or try the new deli cold sandwich bar? This is just the start.  An express kiosk will mean less queuing and the pre order packed lunch will mean you will never have to miss out on your favourite sandwich due to lunch time activities. A new covered outdoor seating area is now complete which will be heated for those cooler days. As we said “there’s a lot going on”!


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