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Who was Catherine McAuley?
  •  Irish Catholic girl born 1778
  •  Inherited a great fortune at 35 years of age
  •  She wanted to do work amongst the poor
  •  1824 planned a centre for the charitable & a home for working mothers
  •  1827 opened her House of Mercy, a school & home for working mothers
  •  An orphanage was formed and later developed her work into a charity
  •  1831 she took the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience
  •  The order grew and she established another house in London
  •  Died in 1841. The Sisters of Mercy went on be the largest order ever founded in an English speaking country


House and Vice Captain

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Thomas Jones

House Captain

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Sophia Pollitt-Walmsley

Vice Captain

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