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Religious Education

This is a very large department with many different subjects ‘under one roof’, yet the experience and breadth of knowledge and wisdom make this a fantastic and vibrant place to be. Every child certainly does matter in this department and as your child will find out, this is a very popular area in St Mary’s and many of our pupils find it a place of fun yet also a great learning environment.

Throughout our subject area on the website you will find Religious Education, KS3 and GCSE Edexcel information, as well as AS and A2 Philosophy and Ethics, Law, Sociology, Psychology and General RE/Studies.

The department makes a huge contribution to the Catholic ethos at St Mary’s, offering whole school reflections throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our subject area.

God bless.

Religious Education Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Learning Programmes

All students in Key Stage 3 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term). This clearly outlines week-by-week the curriculum content both in class and at home. There are 3 Learning Programmes in total LP1 (September to Christmas) LP2 (January to Easter) LP3 (Easter to July).

Drama, Music and PE are working with Learning Journals throughout Key Stage 3.

All students in Key Stage 4 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term) or Unit (Relating to the Qualification being studied).

There are no Learning Programmes for Key Stage 5 subjects. The Curriculum Overview for each course can be found in the Year 12 and Year 13 tabs.

All Learning Programmes will be displayed on the first page of all exercise books. Each Learning Programme can found in the separate tab for each Year Group.

The aim of the Religious Education Department is to ensure that each pupil is able to reflect upon their own beliefs and sense of spirituality.  We endeavour to equip pupils with the skills so that they can achieve their full potential at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.  This department strives to allow pupils opportunity to uncover and examine the Catholic faith and Christianity community they belong to.

We offer as broad a base as possible, developing pupils’ literacy and creative skills, so enabling students to communicate effectively with people regardless of culture, religious beliefs or background.  We develop students’ abilities through a wide range of teaching styles and the quality of teaching is very good. Learning occurs in a well-structured manner in the classroom and pupils are offered additional revision classes at all key stages.

There is a well-established system of regular assessments and all pupils are set regular targets, in order that they achieve their best possible level or grade.  Staff work closely with teaching assistants, to ensure that the needs of all pupils are met. There is clear evidence of differentiated work, related to both long-term and short-term target-setting.

The department underwent an Archdiocesan Section 48 Inspection during the final term of 2014 and the school was awarded the status of being an Outstanding Catholic School.