Religious Education


We are currently reviewing our curriculum and new details will be published shortly.

Welcome to Religious Education Department at St Mary’s Catholic High School. Religious Education is a core subject that is studied by all pupils at both Key Stages.

It is our hope that all pupils will be provided with opportunities to understand and reflect on their faith and relationship with God and feel able to express their own beliefs freely. The areas covered across both Key Stages will allow students to gain a deep understanding of Catholic beliefs as well as different religious beliefs.

Every child does matter in this department and as your child will find out, this is a very caring learning environment in St Mary’s and a place where it safe to ask questions about life and often difficult topics.

We believe RE is such an important subject due to the skills it helps to develop and the various career pathways it can open up. The GCSE is looked upon favourably by colleges and universities as it allows students to build analytical skills which are vital for further education and sought after by employers. RE can help to open up a number of career opportunities linked to teaching, law, nursing, police, social care, the army etc.

During Key Stage 3 pupils will develop knowledge and understanding through study, discussion and reflection. We follow the Liverpool Archdiocesan programme “People of God”.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our subject area.

God bless,

The RE department.

Religious Education Curriculum