Geography Department

We are currently reviewing our curriculum and new details will be published shortly.

Geography doesn't simply begin and end with maps showing the location of all the countries of the world. In fact, such maps don't necessarily tell us much. No - Geography poses fascinating questions about who we are and how we got to be that way.

Geography is the hub of a circle from which other sciences and studies radiate: Meteorology and Climatology, Ecology, Geology, Oceanography, Demographics, Cartography, Agricultural Studies, Economics, Political Science. At some level, all these can be related back to Geographic factors. It is a solid understanding of Geography that is a vital, basic ingredient for a rounded, full understanding of the world and our place in it.

Geography at St Mary’s is a dynamic, engaging and relevant subject and we believe that our students have access to a modern curriculum that develops a wide range of transferrable skills. Geography creates a sense of wonder about places and allows students to solve problems on current issues. Our students can collect, record and analyse information, work independently or as part of a team and they can justify conclusions.

We believe that Geography fully incorporates the key strands of the school mission statement, where students meet their full potential in a very supportive environment and have many opportunities to develop their skills in the wider community.

The Department offers a range of international field trips as well as a number of fieldwork trips to places in the Peak District and Lake District.  These experiences allow students to experience Geography in the field, develop their understanding and fieldwork skills.

Geography is an extremely popular subject with over 250 students studying Geography at GCSE level and a healthy uptake in the Sixth Form. BTEC Travel and Tourism is also offered by the department in the sixth form and this is also a very successful and popular option.


Geography Curriculum