Partnerships and Alumni Association


At St Mary’s we are always striving to make the education we provide as meaningful and enriching as we possibly can for our students.  With this in mind we are pleased to announce that we are developing a Partnership and Alumni Association.  We have been a very successful school for a number of years and we have been blessed with many outstanding and driven students that have passed through our doors.  The Partnership and Alumni Association will allow the school to tap into a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience that would undoubtedly benefit our students.

Our school is based on the pursuit of excellence and a desire to create an environment for our students to grow, both intellectually and socially, so that they can make an active contribution to a complex world.  Creating opportunities for students to find their passion and succeed is what drives teachers and that’s always been true at St Mary’s.  I hope you will consider joining our Partnership and Alumni Association and help us create a powerful source of inspiration for our students.

Partnership and Alumni Member Roles

Providing inspirational talks -Since leaving St Mary’s our students have done some quite amazing things.  Sharing these stories with students can be a real inspiration to them.  The school is always welcoming of ‘guest’ speakers that are willing to take part in assemblies and school events.  As an ex-student you might have found school difficult, but since leaving you have gone on to do all sorts of interesting things, either personally or professionally.  Sharing this type of experience could also be highly motivational for our students.

Provide careers talks or workshops –You might be able to deliver a talk about your specialist field of work or profession that would inspire our students.

Attend our annual Careers Convention -You might be able to attend our annual Careers Convention to promote opportunities in your company and offer advice to our students.

Become a mentor for our students – You might be able to become a mentor for our students who want to pursue a career in your particular field of specialism. This could be a virtual mentor who makes contact through skype or email, or even be willing to meet with a group of students on a termly basis.

Disclaimer – By agreeing to be a part of the Partnership and Alumni Association you are not binded by contract nor should your participation be too demanding on your time.  You of course have the option to opt out the association at any point.