Key to Destinations

E2E - Entry to Employment/Foundation Learning

Employment No Training - Employment without Training

Employment with Training - Employment with training leading to NVQ2

FE - Full Time Education

Moved Away - Moved out the area

No Response - Unknown / Cannot be contacted / Refused to participate

PT Education - Part Time Education

PT Employment - Part Time Employment

PDO/Vol - Personal Devlopment Opportunity / Voluntary / Reengagement

Emp Local Rec Training - Employment with locally recognised good quality training not leading to NVQ2

GST - Goverment Supported Training (Employmed status e.g. Apprenticeships)

Not Available - Not available to the labour market e.g. Custodial Institution / Illness / Pregnancy / Teen Parent

Training (non emp) - Goverment Supported Training - non employed status

Unemployment - Unemployment