External Revision Sessions for GCSE PE

Dear Parent / Guardian,

In our quest to support learners outside of the classroom, please find an alternative online resource we would recommend. With limited time remaining before the exam, please find the dates and times for external revision sessions on www.youtube.com

Each session is an amazing way to reflect on prior learning, and there are supporting resources available also. All sessions are free, and the details for watching with or without registration is below. The PE department will be reviewing these online sessions with classes after they have taken place.


Registration for sessions and notes:


By registering you will be sent a link to download the complete revision calendars for PE and so you can see when all of the sessions are. You will also get the links to the FREE notes pages which students can use alongside the sessions.

Or simply watch and make notes at:


and search for ‘The Everlearner’

or alternatively click the direct link below:



If you do require any further information please do not hesitate to contact myself on the email address below.

Kind Regards,

James Horman

Head of PE & Health Faculty.


Session times / Dates / topics

GCSE PE Revision 2018 - Movement Analysis and Planes

Starts: 18 April 2018

Wed 16:00


GCSE PE Revision 2018 - Effects of Exercise

Starts: 23 April 2018

Mon 16:00


GCSE PE Revision 2018 - Fitness Testing

Starts: 1 May 2018

Tue 13:00


GCSE PE Revision 2018 - Training Methods

Starts: 3 May 2018

Thu 13:00


GCSE PE Revision 2018 - Skill Acquisition

Starts: 10 May 2018

Thu 16:00


GCSE PE Revision 2018 - Sport Psychology

Starts: 14 May 2018

Mon 16:00