Just before the 2017 Christmas break we asked year 7 students and their parents or guardians a series of questions in regards to the pupils transition from primary school to St Mary’s. 49 parents responded and we collated 170 responses from students.

Over 89% of parents or guardians and 87% of students have found the overall transition process at St Mary’s useful to the students settling into life at high school. Due to this we intend to continue with our process of the transition workshops, taster days, parental interviews, welcome day and welcome conference for next year.

Immediate points we are focusing on are improving our effective communication between the school and parents or guardians during the transition process and to ensure the parental interviews are more informative.

Please see below some quotations from students that were written in the surveys:

  • I have made lots of friends.
  • Ryan in year 11 was really kind.
  • Whilst being at school I feel safe because there are teachers who care more about us than other people and also there are fences outside of school to keep us safe.  The teachers are always outside after/before school so that we are safe going home and coming to school.
  • Lots of people in older years have been very nice to me and my friends.
  • I enjoy all of my lessons.  I also like all my teachers.  All the people are nice.
  • I enjoy my lessons and I like my teachers.
  • I think St Mary’s is a good school and there is no bullying.
  • I thought it was very helpful and definitely feel safe and I have made loads of new mates.  I would do more clubs like PE/Spanish or Drama clubs.
  • I feel really safe in school and I have made a lot of new friends at St Mary’s.
  • St Mary’s is a good high school with helpful students and good learning techniques.