Year 7 Assessment - Next Step Resources - Technology

Year 7 contact time: 2 hours per fortnight

Report Code Key knowledge/skill Next steps resource(s)
TE1 Kitchen Safety YouTube Link
TE2 Food Hygiene YouTube Link
TE3 Making – Food Practical Recipe Guides found in the Year 7 booklet
TE4 Origins of Food YouTube Link 1 | YouTube Link 2
TE5 Evaluation – Of food practical task Evaluation of product worksheet/graph/table found in KS3 Booklets
TE6 Workshop safety YouTube Link
TE7 Design – Generation of Design Ideas YouTube Link
TE8 Systems – Types of mechanical motion (CAMS) YouTube Link
TE9 Making – Practical applications of Maths and use of hand tools YouTube Link
TE10 Evaluation – Of wooden toy train Evaluation of product worksheet/graph/table found in KS3 Bookets
TE11 Workshop Safety YouTube Link
TE12 Sustainability – 6 R’s YouTube Link
TE13 Design – Biomimicry YouTube Link
TE14 Industrial processes – Vacuum Former/Soldering YouTube Link
TE15 Evaluation – Of Moisture Sensor Product