Year 7 Assessment - Next Step Resources - ART

Year 7 contact time: 2 hours per fortnight

Report Code Key knowledge/skill Next steps resource(s)
AR1 Tonal Blending & Mark Making YouTube Link
AR2 Drawing Skills: Measured, Grids YouTube Link
AR3 Colour Mixing & Understanding YouTube Link 1 | YouTube Link 2
AR4 Painting Application: Using equipment YouTube Link
AR5 Looking at artists & making connections YouTube Link
AR6 Drawing from Imagination YouTube Link
AR7 Drawing skills in the style of Quentin Blake YouTube Link
AR8 Create an imaginary painting in the style of Quentin Blake YouTube Link
AR9 Create own sketchbook & Mind Map Pintrest Link
AR10 Drawing skills using pencils & artist Scarpace YouTube Link
AR11 Understanding Sgraffito & its history YouTube Link
AR12 Design a 3D clay fish/urchin YouTube Link
AR13 Basic Skills in clay: Pinch pot YouTube Link 1 | YouTube Link 2
AR14 Apply colour to 3D clay object YouTube Link