Year 7 Assessment - Next Step Resources - Mathematics

Year 7 contact time: 6 hours per fortnight

Report Code Key knowledge/skill Next steps resource(s)
MA1 Sequences: Generate next term in a sequence, understand difference between linear and non-linear sequences, explain the term-to-term rule of a sequence, find missing numbers in sequences. Dropbox Link 
MA2 Algebraic Notation: Find inputs and outputs in one and two step function machines, use letters within function machines, use the correct algebraic notation for numerical operations, substitute values into single and two step expressions. Dropbox Link 
MA3 Equality and Equivalence: Understand the meaning of equality, solve linear equations using inverse operations, understand the meaning of like and unlike terms, simplify algebraic expressions by collecting like terms. Dropbox Link 
MA4 Place Value & Ordering Integers & Decimals: Work out intervals and position integers and decimals on a number line, round numbers to the nearest power of 10, round to 1 significant figure, find the range and median of a set of numbers. Dropbox Link 
MA5 Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Equivalence: Represent fractions and decimals on a number line, convert between fractions, decimals and percentages, use equivalent fractions, use an interpret pie charts. Dropbox Link 
MA6 Solving Problems with Addition & Subtraction: Mental strategies for addition and subtraction, formal methods for addition and subtraction of integers and decimals, perimeter, financial maths problems, frequency trees, bar and line charts. Dropbox Link 
MA7 Solving Problems with Multiplication and Division: Understand and use factors and multiples, convert metric units, formal methods to multiply and divide integers and decimals, order of operations, area of rectangles, parallelograms and trapezia, calculate the mean. Dropbox Link 
MA8 Fractions & Percentages of Amounts: Fraction of an amount, use a given fraction to find the whole or another fraction, percentage of an amount using mental methods and calculator methods. Dropbox Link 
MA9 Operations & Equations with Directed Number: Order directed numbers, add, subtract, multiply ad divided directed numbers, solve two step equations, use the correct order of operations with directed numbers. Dropbox Link 
MA10 Addition & Subtraction of Fractions: Convert between mixed and improper fractions, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers, use equivalent fractions. Dropbox Link 
MA11 Constructing, Measuring & Using Geometric Notation: Draw and measure line segments, classify angles, measure and draw angles, identify perpendicular and parallel lines, recognise types of triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons, construct accurate triangles, draw and interpret pie charts. Dropbox Link 
MA12 Developing Geometric Reasoning: Understand and use the sum of angles at a point, angles on a straight line, vertically opposite angles, angles in a triangle, angles in a quadrilateral, sum of angles in polygons and angles in parallel lines. Dropbox Link 
MA13 Developing Number Sense: Mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies for integers, mental arithmetic strategies for decimals and fractions, use estimation to check mental calculations, know when to use mental, formal written methods or a calculator. Dropbox Link 
MA14 Sets and Probability: Identify and represent sets, create Venn diagrams, understand and use the intersection and union of sets, generate sample spaces, calculate probabilities and use the probability scale. Dropbox Link