Year 7 Assessment - Next Step Resources - Geography

Year 7 contact time: 4 hours per fortnight

Report Code Key knowledge/skill Next steps resource(s)

Geographical skills: OS map skills – baseline test, creating a time line of data (AE).

(MS) Scale, direction, distance, 4 and 6 figure references, contour lines, atlas skills

(UK) Complete a climate graph, choropleth map on population density, Line graph, Bar chart
BBC Link 1 | BBC Link 2
GG2 Place: Comparing features of place (AE)
(UK) UK nations, London and Leigh, UK upland areas including the Lake district, Cairngorms and Snowdonia. North/south divide, Blackpool
Google Maps

Processes: Life developed from Big Bang, migration out of East Africa (AE)

(UK) Population, Rural to urban migration, BREXIT, tourism
BBC Link 1 | BBC Link 2
GG4 Extended Writing: Describing, use of PEE paragraphs, use of connectives, SPaG, key terms BBC Link

Geographical skills: Microclimate – Fieldwork study, reading from an isobar map, comparing climatic maps, describing relief maps (WC)

Choropleth maps for population density, comparative bar chart, photograph analysis, (UE)
Internet Geography | BBC Link

Place: School’s local microclimate, European Heatwave, USA – Hurricane Katrina (WC)

London, Manchester, Masdar City (UE)
Google Maps

Processes: Weather causes – water cycle, air pressure, air masses, tropical storm formation, categorizing cause, effect, respond. (WC)

Population, migration, rural to urban migration, counter-urbanisation, urbanisation, sustainability in cities. (UE)
BBC Link 1 | BBC Link 2
GG8 Extended Writing:  Exam questions, PEE paragraphs, use of command words, connectives, SPaG BBC Link

Geographical skills: Locating world wide rivers, Using evidence to answer an enquiry question (R).

Describing physical and human features of Asia, proportional symbol map, choropleth maps. (A)
Maps of World | BBC Link

Place:  UK (Lake District) river flooding, Bangladesh (Asia) river flooding. (R)

Asia – China, India and SE Asia. (A)
BBC Link 1 | BBC Link 2

Processes: Water cycle, Rock cycle, erosion, transportation and deposition  (R)

Population growth, manufacturing, global pandemic, tourism. (A)
BBC Link 1 | BBC Link 2 | BBC Link 3
GG12 Extended Writing: Exam questions, PEE paragraphs, use of command words, connectives, SPaG BBC Link