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St Mary's is extremely proud and privileged to promote the learning of Mandarin focussing on enhancing culture capital in our school community. St Mary's is host to the only independent Confucius classroom in England- enriching the lives of our students and providing students with invaluable experiences on their school journey.  Students engage with knowledge and practice of taichi, Chinese calligraphy, travel and tourism and film. The culture rich curriculum content is delivered by our enthusiastic, native practitioners building positive diverse culture both in our school and in the wider community.  

The introduction of GCSE Chinese language lessons immerses students in learning the world's most widely spoken language whilst acquiring unique qualifications.

St Mary's is a Catholic school focussed on developing the character of all students through inclusivity, and Mandarin encourages the freedom for our pupils to thrive and flourish.

 The Confucius classroom not only assists pupils on their transition to high school but also the growth and evolution of pupils on their post -18 journeys.


The St Mary’s Confucius Classroom (Previous Confucius Classroom at Wigan & Leigh College) in the UK was established on 12th December 2008, jointly founded by Xi’an Bo-Ai International School and St Mary’s Catholic High School. It operates under the Chinese International Education Foundation.

 The main focus of the Confucius Classroom is teaching Chinese culture & language and promoting cultural exchange between China and the UK. The Confucius Classroom runs Chinese language and culture courses at St Mary’s Catholic High School and holds cultural events and workshops in local schools and social communities. Every year, the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations in Wigan are held by the Confucius Classroom and Museum of Wigan Life. From September 2018 to March 2019, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary, the Confucius Classroom held a series of celebration events around Wigan borough and town centre.

The St Mary’s Confucius Classroom offers Chinese culture experience in the local schools, e.g. the Chinese New Year workshop.


Main Programme 

  • Chinese Culture lesson
  • GCSE Chinese Language
  • Chine language lesson form beginner
  • One day Chinese culture experience trip
  • Scholarship Programme
  • Chinese Culture Workshops in local schools, we offer;
    • Chinese Language
    • Chinese Calligraphy
    • Chinese Painting
    • Chinese Handcraft
    • Chinese Tai Chi
    • Chinese Song
    • Chinese Dance
    • Chinese Cooking
    • Chinese Tea Ceremony
    • Chinese Traditional Costume



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    • Receive our traditional Chinese presents during festivals


Coming Up... 

The St Mary's Confucius Classroom have organised a range of workshops in conjunction with the Chinese culture lunch club for the new academic year, where everyone is welcome to join us. 

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