St. Mary’s staff would like to thank all the pupils and families who joined in our May Marathon.  We realise that this time is a challenging one for many of our young people and it is important for us to still come together as a school community.  The idea behind this challenge was to help improve physical and mental health, whilst also raising money for our local Atherton and Leigh Foodbank.   The final total was an incredible 7508 miles, 2081 of those were from pupils!  Avagrace Hodson (7F) Phoebe Grogan (7G) and Jack Lily (90) were the top performing pupils, collectively contributing 475 miles – a big well done to each of you!  Departments in school were also encouraged to compete with each other and in 1st place was Creative Arts on 1147 miles, 2nd place, Computing on 918 miles and 3rd place was RE on 88 miles.

Some of our pupils would like to share their thoughts on this experience below… 
Macey McCormack, Year 8 pupil
‘During May, staff and pupils were invited to take part in a challenge to see how many miles we could complete through running, walking or cycling.  At the start of May, after many weeks of the country being on Lockdown, many of us had no time in school or other activities.  I decided to get involved with the challenge as I am a elite gymnast and I usually train over 20 hours a week so I thought this challenge would help me to stay active.  For me this is important because I need to maintain my fitness levels and stay healthy.  Exercise is so important for our health and well-being.  I really enjoyed taking part in the St. Mary’s May Marathon and contributed many miles by running with my sister, cycling with my mum and going on family walks.  The May Marathon was a good way to stay connected as a school community while also collecting donations for our local food bank and so thinking of those less fortunate than us at this difficult time.’

Deeya Sharma, Year 9 pupil
‘During unprecedented times like this, it became especially important to be able to connect with friends and teachers to share motivation and achievements and the marathon challenge allowed us to all contribute towards a shared goal.  A competitive and teamwork aspect was added by the “staff vs students” part of the challenge which gave everyone a taste of the much missed competition in sports! What’s more, any sponsorships would go to the Atherton and Leigh food and which meant that we could have a positive impact in the wider community too. As a prize for the most miles, 3 students received a special message from England and Wigan rugby player Oliver Gildart.  This was important for the metal health of all during lockdown as fresh air and exercise has a positive impact on the mind and body and makes people feel happier.’

Caitlin Tweed, Year 11 pupil
‘Over the whole of lockdown I have been making sure I am active every day to keep fit and not let boredom take over me.  The May Marathon really helped me push myself more as it was a real competition and to gain more miles as the days went on! I think it was a great idea to get people out of the house and encourage people to be healthy because exercise makes you feel better in all aspects!’ 

Ben Rose, a Year 9 pupil
‘The reason why we did the May Marathon was to keep our health and our self-esteem well. It has helped me to try and take off the ‘comfort food calories’ and stay physically fit during these times. This is very important as having a healthy heart gives you a healthy mind, so it also helps with feeling mentally fit. This has helped me to feel better about the pandemic and has encouraged me to get out of the house more.’


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