On Wednesday 4th December Mr Jones and Mr Anderson took a group of our Year 10 Engineers to visit NICE PAK in the centre of Wigan. NICE PAK are one of the largest manufacturers of wet wipes in Europe.

The students met with several key personnel from the company to discuss their job roles and their individual career journeys.
They were spoken to by the Factory Manager, Head of Planning and the Head of Health and Safety as well as a number of Engineering Specialists who were in charge of Production, Maintenance and Operations.
After the very insightful talk the students were given the opportunity to take a tour around the new 44 million pound factory.
This allowed the students to witness the manufacturing process first hand from start to finish.
Both students and staff were amazed by the scale of production with over 4.2 million packs of wipes leaving the factory each week.
This would not be possible without an automated production line.
The pupils were able to see a variety of robots in action, making, packaging, boxing and loading the products ready to be delivered to customers.
Overall the day was a fantastic insight into a state of the art facility and I would like to take this opportunity to thank NICE PAK for allowing us to visit.
The students were very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


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