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Advent Youth Service

Advent Youth Service

On 22nd December, pupils, parents and staff gathered in the school hall and chapel to take part in our Advent Service.  Before the service started everyone gathered to enjoy refreshments, Christmas quizzes, music and enjoy some festive fun!

The service was a combination of traditional carols, scripture readings, reflections and prayers.  Musical contributions from our talented musicians and singers, as well as our readers, all added up to a joyous, relaxed and prayerful evening, as we wait expectantly in preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.

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Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day 2017

By taking part in Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 15th December 2017, Sixth Form students, Year 11 students and Staff at St Mary’s raised the fantastic sum of  £431.87  for the Save the Children charity.

Thank you to everyone who wore their festive jumpers, donated cakes and money. Your support was much appreciated and we really did have a great time.

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Senior Citizens Christmas Party

Dear Staff &  6th Form Students, 

Very many thanks to each of you involved in making this year's event so enjoyable.

Thank you to the welcomers & parking guides,  cheerful in the zero temperature.

Thank you to all who prepared & decorated the room;  the seating arrangement was excellent.

Thank you to those who provided all the food & drinks & to the gracious servers.

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Christmas Concert Review
Written by Emily Worrall

After weeks of preparation, our students put on a mind-blowing performance on the night of the Christmas concert. Pupils from Year 7 – 13 dedicated their time to perform for their friends and family. The 6th formers were very helpful and made sure that the students were well prepared so that everything would be amazing on the night of the show. When the night finally came the students were really nervous but they were ready to finally show off their true talents to the audience that were waiting in the lower school hall.

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Year 8 History Trip to the Imperial War Museum North

Last week the History Department took the whole of year 8 on a visit to the Imperial War Museum North.

Year 8 you were a credit to St Mary’s – super young people, engaged and eager to learn – well done Year 8.

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