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On Saturday 1st July 2017, at a very early time of 8am, 34 students, full of excitement, embarked upon a very well anticipated journey, for what was sure to be a fantastic weekend in the capital: London!

Soon getting past the exhaustion, we were on the motorway speeding towards London, listening to some music in the meantime. Excitement fuelled our energy, and having only stopped once for a quick break, before we even noticed, our destination was imminent!

The city was definitely alive with both cars and people; as many people said, “You could definitely feel the buzz of the city!” We arrived at Madame Tussaud's at around 1pm, full of adrenaline. Passing through the queue quickly, we eventually entered the building. It was amazing. Numerous life-like wax figures stood before us, awaiting the many pictures they were going to be used for. True, it was a struggle to distinguish between the real people and the fake wax figures, however after many memorable moments captured with James Bond, the Royal Family and many more, and an incredible 4D experience of Spider-Man, it was time to head to the London Eye.

This experience was definitely one to remember. After a considerably long wait, in a long queue, we boarded into several pods, for our overview sight of London! The overcast sky suddenly transformed into one of sun and blue, offering the perfect photo opportunity! We enjoyed 30 minutes of pictures and amazing views before departing the Eye, and heading to Pizza Express for dinner.

A wonderful evening of laughter and delicious food ensued, followed by a swift check-in at our London hotel. With us having a very early start and jam-packed day, we were all exhausted by this point and thus the evening ended with us all having a well-deserved night’s sleep.

The next day, Sunday 2nd July 2017, saw us leaving the hotel at 9am, following a delicious breakfast. We proceeded along the London streets, heading towards both the Science and Natural History Museum. Upon arrival, we visited the Science Museum first. We took part in many games, explored space and flight simulators and bought souvenirs from the shop. We all took great interest in the interactive games and engaged in a group photo once the exploring was done.

Before exploring the Natural History Museum, we spent 20 mins relaxing under the sun in the gardens. Then, we explored the museum, looking at places of human biology, earthquakes, evolution and Jurassic eras. Personally, I found this extremely interesting!

Then, it was unfortunately time to depart the city. The 4 hour journey remained ahead of us, but after the weekend we had experienced, we were leaving on a high, with so many memories that were sure to last a lifetime. As quoted by some members of the trip, “It was an amazing experience; one that won't be forgotten!”

Amy Crook, Year 10.

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