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Within the Business Studies department we have a small but very experienced team of teachers who have a real depth of knowledge of the subject area.  We have been able to grow the number of students taking Business Studies and we offer GCSE for Years 10 and 11 students (WJEC Board) and across Years 12 and 13 we offer BTEC Level 3 Business and AQA AS/A2 Applied Business.

Business Studies enables students to have an excellent understanding of the business environment and organisations that operate in the UK and beyond.  Many of our students upon completion of GCSE Business Studies will continue their studies in either BTEC Business or AS/A2 Business.  We also have a lot of students who then continue studying Business related courses at university, such as marketing, accounting or human resources.

Business Studies Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Learning Programmes

All students in Key Stage 3 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term). This clearly outlines week-by-week the curriculum content both in class and at home. There are 3 Learning Programmes in total LP1 (September to Christmas) LP2 (January to Easter) LP3 (Easter to July).

Drama, Music and PE are working with Learning Journals throughout Key Stage 3.

All students in Key Stage 4 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term) or Unit (Relating to the Qualification being studied).

There are no Learning Programmes for Key Stage 5 subjects. The Curriculum Overview for each course can be found in the Year 12 and Year 13 tabs.

All Learning Programmes will be displayed on the first page of all exercise books. Each Learning Programme can found in the separate tab for each Year Group.

The Business Studies courses we offer at St Mary’s aim to inspire and encourage young people to follow a career in business, or indeed start their own!

At Key Stage 4, students follow the WJEC Examination Board GCSE Business Studies syllabus. This course includes 25% controlled assessment and the remaining 75% is based on the exam which is taken in Year 11. Our 2014 GCSE result was 74% A*- C.

At AS and A2 we currently follow the AQA Applied Business syllabus, which enables students to achieve an AS and A2 qualification. Each academic year involves completing 2 units of coursework and a further unit based on an examination. Our results for summer 2014 are as follows:

  • AS Applied Business – 100% Pass, 75% A-C
  • A2 Applied Business – 100% Pass, 91% A-C

BTEC Level 3 is the final of the three courses we offer. Over the two years, students study 6 different units of work such as recruitment, marketing and the business environment and the course is designed to enable students to continue their studies within higher education or move onto either employment or an apprenticeship.

Our results for BTEC Business were – 69% Distinction star, 31% Merit.


Staff - Business Studies

Subject Leader Computing & Business Studies
Mr B Gristwood
Subject Leader Business Studies
Mrs L Scott
Lead Teacher - Teaching and Learning
Mr A Colley
Teacher of Computing & Business Studies
Mr S Wright
Mr S Sadiq
Miss N Parkinson
Miss S Noonan