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Citizens Party

Senior Citizens Party

The annual Senior Citizen’s Christmas party was a huge hit with over 70 local parishioners attending. The guests enjoyed the refreshments provided which were served by sixth form students whilst being entertained by our school choir and a game of bingo. The celebrations finished with a free raffle in which all the prizes had been donated. A big thank you to all who attended and to the staff and students who made this happen.

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Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

On Friday 5th December a number of students from year 10 and sixth form got the opportunity to work with a print artist Alan Birch. We started in first period where he introduced himself and his artwork to us. He explained how his work was taken from serious matters into humorous prints.

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Year 7 Celebration

Year 7 Celebration Assembly

On Monday we congratulated a large number of year 7s for their attitude to learning in a range of lessons and they all got certificates. In addition we congratulated Jacob Perry (Positive Contribution Award), Edlin Kanichayi (Sporting Achievement Award), Ellie Cribbin (Community Award), Madeline Bates (High Flyer Award) , Kevin Hook (Form Tutor Award) and Natasha Follows (Vivos Award).  Many more were nominated for the awards and all nominees received a certificate as well as the winners.

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Xmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 12th December staff and students from Year’s 11, 12, and 13 took part in the “Save the Children’s”  charity Christmas jumper day. Save the Children are a charity who work across the world helping sick children, they are currently working in Africa doing a lot of work helping children with Ebola. 

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Primary Visits

Primary School Visits

Monday 8th and Wednesday 10th saw Mr Dawson, Mr Barrett and Mrs Barnes visiting the Primary Schools on their annual Advent Tour.  We were made most welcome and the students had many questions for us about what life is like at St Mary’s both in and out of the classroom. 

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Science Club

Forensic Science Club

On Friday 5th December the Forensic Science Club were doing flame testing and magical alchemy where they turned pennies into "gold" pennies. The science behind the photos is that the copper pennies were coated in zinc then turned into the brass alloy using heat. Flame tests show different coloured flames for the different metals present.

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